Yes, even your soul mate needs some PR sparkle to get things started.

A great coach can help you present your authentic self and attract the best dates for you!
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You need an Image Dating Coach!

If you are dating online, you need strong branding to attract your best dates!

In Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations there is a myriad of tools and tactics at a professional’s disposal, to use as needed based on the situation, client, product or service.

Blame it on my MBA, but I can prove that the same PR & publicity approaches that I have used for over 20 years in consulting with over 100 clients can be overlaid or slightly modified to improve your dating life. I have placed thousands of media stories based on my storytelling abilities. I bet I can help you get a date. Intrigued? Click here to read more about using my proven branding strategies to improve your online dating experiences.

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Yes, even your soul mate needs some PR sparkle to get things started! A great coach can help you believe in yourself and thrive in the dating world!

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