Dating Advice: What Women Want to See in Your Online Dating Profile

Great article to be featured in: What Women Want to See in Your Online Dating Profile by Michael Satterfield over at The Gentleman Racer.
Lots of dating coaches share their advice and if you’ve been ’round these parts before, you’ll recognize my go-to advice regarding online dating turn-offs and tips to connect better online. This article was geared towards men dating women, but the general advice applies to most.
Regarding online profile turn-offs…
Dick-pics, negative talk about all the bad women out there or their awful ex-wife, any dead animals (seriously even women who like hunting hate those pics) and hiding your height or gorgeous bald head. Short bald guys get girls because they don’t try to hide it. And proper grammar. Women read. Spelling and punctuation count. Women like smart, professional men. Don’t write a formal business letter but know the difference between your and you’re.
My best online dating tip: Take better photos.
Absolutely no bathroom selfies, seriously, you are an adult, have some class. I don’t care how young at heart you feel, we are just done with bathroom selfies. You need real photos. A profile with 6 selfies says so many sad things about you that I won’t get into here but it is often a symptom of why a client’s dating has gone so wrong. Don’t hide your flaws. Photos with baseball caps do not hide the fact that you are bald. However, it does highlight the fact that you are insecure about it which is way more unattractive.

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