Dating Advice: Is it important that you love everything about yourself?

No. First of all, no one loves everything about themselves all of the time.  That would be weird. And probably a lie. And if you do, nothing will knock you down faster than finding things that you did not see in yourself through the eyes of your new partner.

There is a business term called RERO. It means release early, release often. It mostly applies to software but can be repurposed for most product launches.

Basically, best practices tell us that frequent product releases allow companies to quickly find and fix flaws. This is instead of working on a product to make it perfect, spending all of the time and resources for a big launch, only then to find a fatal flaw that cannot be addressed because the product has shipped in its final version.

With RERO, products are released in versions, allowing for incremental feedback and improvements over time.

I like the same approach in dating. Jump in, get some dates under your belt, and then figure out where you need to adjust, knowing that when your perfect partner arrives, there will likely be more adjustments to make.

So the answer is: Love the current version of yourself but also know that dating is about fixing small things quickly as you learn and have new experiences so that you keep moving forward, rather than having one huge adjustment down the road.

It’s great to love yourself, flaws and all, but know that a true life partner will push you in ways you cannot yet imagine. Be prepared but also understand that you can’t self-love your unknown flaws ahead of time.

So glad I received this question. It really helps me to understand where you are and how I can help.

Coach JJ


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