What’s the best way to promote yourself as a great dating prospect?

Well… I answer this question with a question: A great dating prospect for whom?

That’s the trick. What you need to say and do depends on who you want to attract. That’s why you need a coach.

But I can give you some solid suggestions.

To Do

  1. Find a way to nicely or humorously describe your ex and why your relationship ended and how your single life is going (even if he and your current life horrible.)
  2. Revel in your devotion to your children privately and publicly make room for a partner who will eventually come first.
  3. Be clear on your approach to sex, but shut up about it until it comes up. Unless you are seriously waiting for marriage. Then you have to be prepared to explain that a lot.
  4. Focus on what you want and let your words and actions show potential suitors what will make you happy.
  5. Know and face your flaws. I’m not saying be thrilled that you are overweight, poor, and unmotivate, but come to terms with it.
  6. Be fair and be honest.
  7. Post good pictures.


  1. Do not bitch about your ex or your dating life or even your boss or your next door neighbor (even if they’re all horrible.)
  2. Do not say your kids will always come first (even if they will.)
  3. Do not say you won’t have sex until marriage (unless you are a teenager or seriously only dating strict religious types.)
  4. Do not list what you DONT want.
  5. Don’t hide your flaws and fears.
  6. Don’t Cheat. Don’t Lie.
  7. Don’t hide behind filtered selfies.

Also, remember good men want to make women happy. Bad men lie, manipulate, cajole and seek drama to prop themselves up. Get rid of those dudes and say yes to good men even if it means ditching your list of 50 ideal characteristics. Surround yourself with good men (potential mates and otherwise) so that you are so steeped in your knowledge that the world is full of good men that you naturally and effortlessly repel bad men.

And for heaven sakes put down your cell phone. Nothing repels a nice guy faster than a woman distractedly whipping through her phone.

Thanks for this question. It really helps me to understand where you are at and how I can help.

Coach JJ

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