Why do you think people feel it is harder to date, and find their soulmate now?

Ok, that’s two questions:

First, since we have like science and stuff we don’t all believe in the idea of ONE soulmate. I think that type of rigid romantic thinking keeps us from finding real love. I have literally seen every Disney princess fairytale at least 10 times. I love a good heart-wrenching love story. But we also have to live in our real lives. You can love more than once in a lifetime and if you lose that love, you can find new love. Maybe not the same, but a one and done attitude puts a lot of pressure on people to find perfection or to make something their own personal fairytale.

So maybe that’s why (question 2) it is harder for some people to date. If you think there is only one possible true love and you go on 6 bad dates, you’re going to be pretty defeated. It is hard if your expectations are set to perfection and the reality is that you probably have to go on 100 bad dates.

I personally think its easier. We have access to all the technology and all the resources to have a blast dating, getting to know interesting people and more importantly, getting to know ourselves, until we find the person we chose to be with.

I would love to chat more and you can reach me here or visit me on Facebook and send a private message.

Thanks for this question. It really helps me to understand where you are at and how I can help.

Coach JJ


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