What are your thoughts on the concept of sugar daddies and sugar babies?

Oh, love them! I assume you’re not talking about sweets, but the idea that a wealthy older man financially supports a younger woman for fun and more?

Here’s the thing (and someone asked about wealth earlier) if you have money and want to use that to find women who will date you just for that money, then go for it. If you are honest and they are honest, then I hope you have a blast. Don’t be a dick about it, but yeah, if you want to entertain women and help them pay their bills and buy them nice things so that they will entertain you, go for it.

I can even help you write a profile that doesn’t make you sound like a pimp.

Now if you do that and then complain that you can’t find a nice wife, well, then you will get a talking to from me.

I have worked in marketing my whole life and have I loved every product or service or truly believe it was THE BEST EVER! No. I did my job. I highlighted the best parts of the product. I did not lie. I did not cheat.

That’s where I draw the line with dating. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat.

You just want to have casual relationships with women who show up when you want and leave before you wake up. Fine by me.

I would love to chat more and you can reach me here or visit me on Facebook and send a private message.

I help clients by using my digital marketing expertise to help guide their online presence – from photos to words, to the overall presentation to actual in-person events.

Thanks for this question. It really helps me to understand where you are at and how I can help.

Coach JJ


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