What would you tell a woman who thinks loving a man is giving him power over her?

This question makes me sad.

I would tell a woman or man who is afraid of losing all their power to a lover to see an experienced therapist.

Here’s the thing, you do give up some power in a relationship. For example, I used to have the power to have sex with anyone I wanted to. Now that I’m in a committed relationship, I’ve given up that power. The difference is my fiancé has given that up too.  And we do so joyfully and willingly. Both of us are extremely grateful for the fact that we have another chance at love.

So power will shift throughout a relationship.  I guess the question would be: Do you love somebody who is willing to give up some power to love you back and is it equal.

Most of the stuff I talk about is branding related and fun and it’s based on business marketing science.

What you’re talking about are deep psychological questions that need to be addressed by a professional counselor.

If anyone is questioning losing themselves in love don’t even bother updating your profile. Instead, do the hard work of becoming you so that when you do come back to dating you can have a good time doing it.

Additionally, I have been asked what men are looking for in a woman, once there is that attraction and do I find that confidence pretty high on a guy’s list?


And I would even say that confidence creates attraction, so if given the choice, I would worry about building my confidence before my looks or trying to be attractive.

Attraction is chemical. We cannot control it. We can be totally into someone then meet in person and have zero chemistry. We cannot fix or change that, but we can be our best selves, which I believe includes being confident.

Thanks so much for being here.  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


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