Do you offer consultation sessions on image improvement for purposes other than dating?

Great question! I am actually surprised by how few people ask for help in that area. We live in a Do-It-Yourself world and everyone just Googles “Professional Image” and that’s that.

I do not offer this as a service, but I would love to give you feedback, so message me and we can chat.

Until then, basically it is the same ideas, but with a professional feel.

  1. Use professional photos
  2. Use professional words
  3. Tell professional stories

Building publicity and implementing visibility programs for entrepreneurs, small businesses is what I do as my day job. I help small businesses guide their online presence – from photos to words, to the overall presentation to actual in-person events. I pitch entrepreneurs PR services all the time and they’re like, “Nah, I got this.”

The problem is I’ve seen their online profile and nope, they don’t got it.

Same with dating, but ideally, I’ll get invited to more weddings if I have dating clients.

I would love to chat more and you can reach me here or visit me on Facebook and send a private message.

Thanks for this question. It really helps me to understand where you are at and how I can help.

Coach JJ