Below is a list of common image consulting questions and you can visit my Dating Q & A with answers to online dating questions from real-life daters.

Can an image expert help me date better?

Yes, even your soul mate needs some PR to get things started and a great coach can help you believe in yourself and thrive in the dating world!

What will I get from a dating coach?

With 25 years of marketing, merchandising, and publicity experience, I will help you develop your individual communications style and walk with you on your journey to find love, taking the time to educate you on the relevant tools (online dating can be so confusing!) and social options while listening to your specific challenges, experiences, and needs.

What if I just want to “hook-up” or have sex?

Sorry, we won’t be able to work together, but there are websites for that. This is for real people who want to invest in real relationships.

What if I am married, but I want to date other people?

Nope. This is for real people who want to invest in real relationships.

How much is all this art and science going to cost me?

Can you really put a price on love? No. But we can put a price on my time, the vault of knowledge I hold after practicing in the media and communications field for 25 years, and the fact that I know the tools inside and out. That price ranges from $189 per hour to $1899 for the entire love story makeover. Someday I will sell packages to the masses, but right now, I just want to work with people I can help.

Can you find the person I want to date?

Nope. I can not hand deliver prince charming or your perfect mate. You will have to have an online profile and actually work through the process, but we can do it together and I will help you every step of the way.

Do you guarantee dates?

No. But I guarantee my time, effort, and insights and I guarantee that I will be available for you as a partner and supporter. And I guarantee I can help you make improvements to your personal online brand.

Can I date you?

Nope. I’m taken, but thanks for asking! Now let’s find someone awesome for you to date! Sign up for a 15-minute phone consultation using the Get Coached form.

What are your unique coaching attributes?

What happens during the first coaching session? How do you determine if your potential client and you are suited to work together?

Do you work with your clients in person or do you also offer online coaching? Where are you located?

What do your 15-minute phone consultations entail?