What would you recommend to someone who’s struggling with dating myths?

I get a lot of questions around the myth of believing that there are no more good men or no more good women left to date in the world?

I would say that if somebody is struggling with that fear then they need to put dating on hold for a while and really do the hard personal work of understanding where that fear comes from and working through it because that fear is going to seep into every conversation you have and it’s going to spoil whatever work you put into dating.

If a business owner comes to me and wants to launch a product and then tells me “but I don’t think anyone’s going to buy it” Then I really can’t spend a lot of time trying to build a marketing plan for them if they don’t believe their product is sellable or they don’t believe there are not any customers interested in that product.

You don’t need 1000 good men or women. You need a few to date and you only need to find one to be in a relationship with. If you don’t believe that somewhere on this planet is one person who would be a good match for you then there’s no amount of public relations that’s going to fix that attitude.

My job is to help you do such a good job of presenting yourself and responding to the “marketplace” that you have a reasonable pool to choose from. I am not a therapist but if you do the hard work on being your best self I can help you present that to the world.

Thanks for the great question!