How to plan the perfect date

To me, as a branding expert, a date is like an event and it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Set it up ahead of time with a nice ask and a plan. 'Netflix and chill' is great once you're together, but a solid first date will set the tone for the entire experience. … Continue reading How to plan the perfect date


Online Dating for Mature Singles

Dating has changed! We are in such a different place with technology and digital lives than we were even 10 years ago. Lots of us feel like digital natives (millennials who were born with all of this technology and grew up with it.) Even if you are not a millennial - thank goodness, youth is … Continue reading Online Dating for Mature Singles

Dating Advice: How to Wow A Guy

Be who you say you are! Your personal brand is what is driving men to ask you on dates, so be true to who you are and be true to what you present. Women need to show up looking like the pictures they posted online and they need to present themselves as described. It is … Continue reading Dating Advice: How to Wow A Guy

Dating Advice: Branding for Daters

In Marketing, there is a myriad of tools and tactics at a professional's disposal, to use as needed based on the situation, client, product or service. My hunch, and blame it on my MBA, is that these same tools and tactics can be overlaid or slightly modified to improve our dating lives. When you launch … Continue reading Dating Advice: Branding for Daters